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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Google the new Microsoft?

It seems weekly Google is coming out with some new, revolutionary product, or making the news in some way. First of all, there's the seemingly endless dispute over the contract of Kai-Fu Lee, the former Microsoft Executive, whom Google hired only days after Lee left Microsoft. Now, I know that by writing this post I'm pretty much biting the hand that feeds me, but I don't really care. It needs to be said, even though eveyrbody already knows it. Google seems to be stuck in the same pattern of business relations Microsoft has been in for the past two decades. Now, this is in no way a bashing article. I love Google, and they do seem to be making the best products out right now. Heck, if they were to make their own OS, I'd be honored to use it. But they're slowly cornering the market and shutting out the small time companies.

It seems like the only place to get a job now in Silicon Valley as a programmer is with Google. Sure, they pay a lot for high quality work, but they're destroying all of these other companies. Just look at Pyra Labs, who sold Blogger just because a company with a good reputation made them a good deal. Now it seems Google has quite the list of enemies. Just about every single application developer is trying to knock them down a notch. MSN still thinks they have a chance of cornering the search engine industry, while other companies seem to be duplicating everything Google does. Google Earth is launched, and so MSN launches thier own, as have countless other corporations.

Now that I've finished my small rant, it's time for some good news from our friends at Google (sorry guys, you have to be knocked on every now and then). Google finally launched their long awaited Blog Search tool, which can be found at Within minutes of its launch it had all of the Blogspot blogs indexed, along with millions of other blogs. From what I understand, over the past few months, the GoogleBot has been collecitng blog post data from various web servers and hosting utilities like LiveJournal and Blogger. It really is a great feature. The only problem is, it indexes individual posts, but not the blog itself. For instance, if you do a search for Textonic, you'll only get blog posts that mention the word Texotnic, instead of the blog itself. Of course, the search tool is still in Beta mode, so expect some updates soon.

I can't wait for the latest news from the Google labs. Oh yeah, and good luck to Lee, who is now alowed to lead Google's China division, but cannot work on any developmental project. So basically he can do nothing but sit around and supervise. Contract modifications are still being worked out.


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